Engineering & Design

For over two decades, engineering and design have been RTI Consultants’ core competencies. As an industry leader, we have completed the most complex infrastructure projects found anywhere in the world. This translates into higher constructability, reliability and quality on every project.


RTI Consultants apply global experience and resources to arrive at the right solution for our clients. Our engineering and design solutions ensure project performance as well as sustained value. Engineering and design services include more than a dozen specialties in power generation, power delivery, and oil and gas.

  • Manage the Engineering-Procurement-Implementation-Commissioning (EPIC) cycle for Completions projects.
  • Propose Select and Evaluate Well Completions options for clients.
  • Select and establish project management tools/profile for key projects.
  • Manage the Completions business resources -people, processes, tools, time and service quality delivery.

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