Change Management

There is a common misconception that as technology becomes more user-friendly and as programme management becomes more closely integrated into all functions of organisations, that there is less need for change management to help realise the benefits of major change programmes.

In practice, our track record of technology implementations and global transformation programmes shows that all types of change programme still benefit significantly from dedicated change management support. Our people-centred approach helps ensure that organisations can fully achieve planned benefits to ways of working from programmes addressing a range of goals, including collaboration, knowledge sharing and increased access.

Our expertise

We help get changes implemented and adopted.  Typically these are changes related to new technology, processes, strategies or organizations. While this sounds simple, it’s actually very difficult.

Our approach utilizes our proprietary methods, tools and templates to execute projects that minimize “the dip” associated with any change.  This helps our clients accomplish the following:

  • Business objectives are achieved
  • ROI and value drivers are captured
  • Transition costs are managed
  • False starts are minimized
  • Organization is aligned around a common goal

Our Value


We have a vibrant global community of over 100 Change management consultants, and in Nigeria, thirty professionals with experience from industry and consulting who are specialists in People and Change solutions. We work closely with clients and our technology and other consulting colleagues to deliver solutions which reflect business  and operational requirements, whilst being realistic about the requirements of internal and external audiences at all levels of organisations.